NVQ Assessments

NVQ’s are used within the industry as a recognised indicator of competence.  Within the CPCS scheme, NVQ’s are used to progress from a Red Trained Operator Card to a Blue Competent Operator Card.  The majority of these NVQ’s being a level 2 require on average 2-3 visits to site to observe the candidate on the specific equipment.  It is the duty of the Cathedral Training assessors to highlight if any candidates require any additional training, before they are happy to sign them off as being competent.  This additional training will be discussed not only with the candidate, but also with the employer.

On some occasions some NVQ’s offered will be Level 3, and these require slightly more candidate input and will be carried out over a longer duration to allow them the time to complete this. 

Cathedral Training Ltd will be happy to answer any questions in regard to the best NVQ to suit your needs.

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